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This is half the tree done and half left to still be lowered.

Here is where the top is all that is left and is ready to come out of the tree.

This is a trick of the trade the part most people don't see. When you have a tree close to power lines or close to the home you need a way to lower branches without hitting the house or the power lines. How Right???

By using a lot of rope and system of pulleys and this is actually a crank so that the weight could be lowered slowly and then pulled as it comes down away from the home, then completely lowered. We had a 3 man ground crew and one climber 4 in total to be able to do this job. One guy worked the crank, and two or three to pull the branches out into the grassy area, the customer also had a number of plants around the tree that he did want damaged. Pretty tall order for most companies!! NOT SUNRISE no problem.

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