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This time of year it is really important to balance out branches especially if the tree is starting to lean or off balance. This particular tree had limbs that were starting to curl going over the customers house. Now with snow weight in addition to an uneven distribution of the weight of the tree towards the time makes for a deadly combination which could result in limbs breaking in a storm or with heavy snow. Also you have spring around the corner and with the foliage weight around the corner you have the same issue. The best thing to do is look at the tree and see if the branches are even if not......

Thats where sunrise climbing team comes in we setup and rope down anything that is close to the house safely. We have ropes, pulleys, spikes, harnesses, and everything else necessary to carefully lower limbs one by one. No matter how close to the house or building it can be down, it may take some serious engineering to accomplish but it can be done!!!

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